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Monday, March 6, 2006

This week at

Forrest Church takes on the "cartoon controversy" and challenges the absolutism of both Muslim fundamentalists and Western champions of incendiary free speech. Also in this week's edition, Jungian film analyst Jeffry John Stein unpacks myths of terror in the five films nominated for this year's best picture Oscar — and preternaturally picked Crash as the best of the bunch.

In the news: Donald Skinner reports on pro-choice South Dakota UUs' efforts to block the state legislature's egregious challenge to Roe v. Wade. (The governor signed the legislation today.) And Jane Greer interviews the new interim director of the UUA's international office, Partner Church Council director Cathy Cordes, and provides a summary history of the UUA's international relationships. Finally, the news blog has lots of marriage equality news — and a sad story about UU religious education gone awry.

Note: In the interest of timeliness, news stories are now being published on Friday; featured stories are still published each Monday.

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