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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

A glitch in the UU blogs digest.

A boring technical post [updated below!]:

The UU Blogs Digest I set up using Kinja — and which I update by adding blogs that discuss Unitarian Universalism a lot — has developed a glitch that made it stop showing new Philocrites posts after January 21. I can't figure out why: Nothing changed about my RSS feed.

Just in case some people have come to depend on the digest to know when I've published something new, I've added myself a second time by pointing directly to the atom feed I publish. Although headlines link properly, my solution causes other problems. Most notably, the profile card for my site featured all sorts of cool information, but the profile card for my atom feed doesn't. And the blue-and-orange graphic that used to identify my new posts has vanished.

There are other ways to keep up with new content that don't rely on Kinja, of course. (I am very sorry that other Kinja users will simply think I've disappeared. I hope they miss me and by directly to see what happened.) I've set up an easy-to-use feed through Feedburner that helps you subscribe using a wide range of RSS aggregators. Or you can sign up to get Philocrites by email by entering your email address in the "Subscribe" section over in the sidebar. Or you can use the Deluxe UU Blog Digest, UUpdates, which includes many sites I haven't added to the broken Kinja digest. So many options!

Or you can simply stop by whenever you feel like it. However you read what I write, I'm grateful.

Update 2.2.06: The good people at Kinja wrote me just after 10:30 this morning to say they were looking into the problem, and 45 minutes later wrote again to say they had redirected the feed manually so things are now back to normal. No clear answer on the source of the problem, but if you depend on Kinja for your daily dose of Philocrites, you should be back in luck. (And thanks for the prompt customer service!)

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