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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mr and Mrs Philocrites, guest preachers.

Mrs Philocrites and I are sitting here on our couch, each working on a sermon to preach next week. I'll be preaching at the First Church in Jamaica Plain, a Christian-friendly Unitarian Universalist congregation in Boston where I served as worship leader during the minister's sabbatical five years ago. (By "Christian-friendly," I mean that the congregation retains several traditional Unitarian worship practices, including the Lord's Prayer and the "Ames Covenant.") If you'd like to come worship with me and the very friendly people of First Church in J.P., the service is at 11:00.

Mrs Philocrites has two Episcopal preaching engagements this month, so Boston-area friends can hear her next week or the week after; email her for details.

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