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Saturday, May 7, 2005

ABC: Focus on the Family is religious? Who knew?

ABC rejected ads from the United Church of Christ because, the network said, it doesn't allow any religious advertising. But the network ran a Focus on the Family ad last Sunday that said, "We'll be there with parenting advice, and a faith-based perspective that can make all the difference." The New York Times reports that the United Church of Christ is not pleased; here's the church's own reporting on the matter.

Perhaps ABC's ad folks have been living under a very large rock for lo these many years, because it would be hard to argue that Focus on the Family isn't religious. It's like saying that Philocrites does not have red hair. (Okay, orange hair.) But wouldn't you think that an ad offering "faith-based" advice is offering a "religious" message? If you're bothered by the network's preferential treatment for the holy warriors of Colorado Springs, visit the UCC's Accessible Airwaves campaign.

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