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Friday, April 29, 2005

How goes the Unitarian Jihad ad campaign?

Chutney reports on the Google Ad campaign launched in response to the "Unitarian Jihad" phenomenon:

Our ad has shown over 8,000 times, and itís closing in on 400 clicks now. That gives it a click-through rate thatís better than four times the rate youíd expect from a direct mail piece, for instance. And for about the cost of a DVD.

Well done, Brother Sharp Stick in the Eye of Parody (and co-conspirators)!

For recent examples of more generally-targeted Unitarian Universalist publicity campaigns, see the Bay Area Unitarian Universalists page — the beginnings of a regional effort like the ambitious one underway in San Diego — and the UUA-sponsored Houston-area "Uncommon Denomination" campaign, which just concluded.

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