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Thursday, April 28, 2005

'The dictatorship of absolutisms.'

The New Yorker's Jane Kramer isn't a big fan of Benedict XVI, either:

In his homily to his fellow-cardinals, on the first morning of their conclave, Cardinal Ratzinger had warned that modern society was threatened by a “dictatorship of relativism.” But it might have been more accurate to say that it is threatened by a dictatorship of absolutisms, including his own. This is a world in the tightening grip of orthodoxy, of literal “truths” and crusading certainties, and early last week it was the hope of many Catholics that the Church would begin to break that grip and return to them the right to exercise their own consciences on matters that do not concern faith so much as the realities of their intimate lives . . .

("Holy Orders," Jane Kramer, New Yorker 5.2.05)

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