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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Unitarian Universalism's 'iPod strategy'?

Chutney launches an important conversation at Coffee Hour based on an essay Doug Rogers wrote for the Unitarian Universalist public relations e-mail list. Rogers's key idea, as Chutney summarizes it, is that Unitarian Universalist churches and institutions have been "following Apple's pre-iPod strategy: an elite [niche] market. What we need is a UU iPod strategy." Read Rogers's essay, then take up the Chutney challenge:

Think big about what "big changes" you'd want to see in UUism. What would your "iPod strategy" for UUism look like? What would it take to get there? And would any of your "iPod buyers" end up "making the switch" (and give up their old PCs for new "UU Macs"). Or would that even matter?


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