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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Six months at St Albert's; Bishop Shaw on Anglican tension.

Two religion news stories to note in today's Boston Globe: The 24/7 vigil at St Albert the Great in Weymouth marked six months yesterday. And Massachusetts Episcopal Bishop Tom Shaw says he will support the request from Anglican primates for the US and Canadian churches to temporarily withdraw from the Anglican Consultative Council:

"I think it makes sense to withdraw from this one meeting, especially if we're going to be talking about why we did what we did," Shaw said. "This is not the way it was reported in the press. It is not the first step toward separation of the Anglican Communion at all. It's probably the lightest thing they could have done."

("Faithful Following: After Six Months, Parishioners Are Still Fighting for St. Albert's," Bella English, Boston Globe 3.1.05; "Bishop Says Gap Is Closing Over Gays in Anglican Church," Michael Paulson, Boston Globe 3.1.05)

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