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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Most visited entries of 2004.

Not everyone wants an editor's choices; some people just want to know what got the most traffic. So here are the most-visited entries of the year, in reverse order:

10. Guugle (9.13.03): 652 visits
9. Next 20 fastest growing UU churches (1.6.04): 652 visits
8. Modern theology 101 (6.2.03): 669 visits
7. Unitarianism and early American interest in Hinduism (a Div School essay, 1.14.99): 694 visits
6. Unitarian Universalism: In search of a definition (11.16.03): 811 visits
5. The Rev. George W. Bush (2.11.03): 860 visits
4. Is disenchantment the end of religion? (a Div School essay about Max Weber's secularization thesis, 1.25.00): 1,253 visits
3. Sixteen fastest growing UU churches (1.3.04): 1,710 visits
2. Christians for Kerry (10.4.04): 1,863 visits
1. Guide to UU blogs (1.3.04): 2,250 visits

As of today, the real traffic champions, however, are the two rss feeds that allow readers to subscribe to Philocrites. We're deep in tech jargon now, so if you're like me you'll simply marvel at these numbers: In 2004, the .rdf feed — highlighted on the front page as "Syndicate this site (XML)" at the bottom of the sidebar — was accessed 91,726 times. Another form of syndication, the .xml feed, was accessed 10,294 times. This really only means that lots of people keep track of what's new at Philocrites using services like Kinja and Bloglines. The front page at Philocrites, meanwhile, has been visited just under 50,000 times this year.

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