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Monday, December 20, 2004

Thinking with James Luther Adams.

Although I contributed two essays to the latest issue of UU World, readers of this site won't find a lot new in "Our Power Problem," which introduces two essays in the magazine's cover package of stories on Unitarian Universalists' complicated feelings about social and political power. (I especially recommend Rob Eller-Isaacs's essay, "We the Powerful.")

Transforming LiberalismWhat I would like to draw attention to, however, is my review of George K. Beach's new book, Transforming Liberalism: The Theology of James Luther Adams. It's a significant book for theological liberals — not just for Unitarian Universalists — and I will be returning to themes from the book over the next few months. If you order a copy in the next few weeks, we could read through it together in easily digestible sections over the next few months. I only had space in my review to discuss a fraction of the themes that Beach explores in Adams's thought. I'm looking forward to discussing many more.

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