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Friday, October 15, 2004

'Trust is covenantal.'

Last week, Midtone Blue wrote:

Let me tell you friend, trust is not safe. Trust is risky, scary, and bold. Trust is not safety. It does not require safety. In fact, if you are perfectly safe, you have no need to trust. Trust actually demands that we take big, fat, risky leaps of faith. Trust is not safe.

Trust happens in relationships. It isn't a part of the external environment or the agreed upon norms. Safety can exist when no one is present. Trust cannot. Trust is covenantal. It is a promise, a gift offered to another, a result of shared experience and willingness to both know another person and be known. Safety is an assurance that you will not get hurt. Trust is a willingness to stay in relationship, even though the hurts are sure to come. Trust is a commitment. Safety is a demand—and for some, a sign of a deep and selfish sense of entitlement.

It is so very important not to confuse the two. If we demand safety and wait for it before we are willing to risk—to engage, learn, grow, reach out, speak, listen—we will never do any of these things and we will rot from our stuckness and stagnation. If we build lives of trust, we will move forward, be challenged, and discover new things that surprise and delight us. We will not be safe, but we will be alive.

Amen to that.

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