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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Against the 'apostles of fear.'

Just found: Progressive Christians Uniting, an organization of "moderate and progressive Christians who lift our voices to affirm a radically inclusive gospel at a time when the name 'Christian' has been seized and polluted by apostles of fear, mistrust, violence and division."

I discovered the site while trying to see if "Lift Every Voice: A Declaration on Christianity and the Future of America" — a manifesto of sorts that some 1,000+ politically progressive Christians generated exactly a month ago using new collaborative-writing software called Synanim — had attracted any media interest. It looks like one newspaper mentioned the declaration in an article on ways churches are participating in the political process. Otherwise, the manifesto vanished without a trace in the mainstream media. Notably, the declaration hasn't shown up in liberal Christian magazines like the Christian Century, Sojourners, or Commonweal — nor has it been mentioned at Beliefnet, Faith and Values, or even the Center for Progressive Christianity. Hmm. Writing a manifesto by committee — a project that apparently involved at least 4,000 hours of work — may be more effective than publicity by committee.

But I appreciate finding out about the Progressive Christians Uniting site — and learning the phrase "apostles of fear."

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