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Sunday, October 3, 2004

Weekend reading.

Religion stories worth noting this weekend:

  • "Candidates Are Targeting Evangelical Base in W.Va.," Rick Klein, Boston Globe 10.3.04. This sentence especially deserves a lot more qualification than Klein gives it: "Bush, a devout Christian who has often talked openly of his faith, is expected to win the votes of the majority of evangelical Christian voters." Devout? The man doesn't even go to church. Best quote in the story:

    At the Welcome Baptist Church in Beckley, Pastor [David] Allen has a response for anyone who says Bush would make a better president because of Christian values: "I can't hear what you're saying, because I see what you're doing."

  • "Rupture in U.S. Episcopal Church," Neela Banerjee, New York Times 10.3.04, reg req'd. The story notes:

    [M]ost Episcopalians do not want to leave the church. A recent survey of congregations by the Episcopal Church Foundation showed about 60 percent "neither uncritically endorse or oppose" the decisions on homosexuality, said the Rev. William L. Sachs, director of research at the foundation. The foundation, an independent organization, follows grass-roots trends in the church. About 15 percent to 20 percent of parishioners applaud the church's decisions on homosexuality, the Rev. Sachs said, and a slightly smaller percentage are affronted.

The Paul Berman Watch returns! The author of Terror and Liberalism kicks off the newly redesigned New York Times Book Review with a long review of Philip Roth's novel about an alternate America that went fascist, The Plot Against America. I'm looking forward to reading the novel, but I can certainly endorse the review. ("What If It Happened Here?" Paul Berman, New York Times Book Review 10.3.04, reg req'd)

Atticus Edwards. Finally this weekend, an essay in the Globe's Ideas section argues that "From Atticus Finch to John Edwards, the trial lawyer has often been the face of Southern liberalism." ("The Advocate," Curtis Wilkie, Boston Globe 10.3.04)

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