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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Summertime, and the kids are brilliant!

It must be late July: The Boston Globe has entertained the Philocrites household lately with the story of a fifth-grader who launched her own political action committee "after trying to research a class project and finding that the school encyclopedias were 14 years old. She then discovered her school had just one part-time tutor for 500 kids, and a fraying infrastructure." So she did the obvious thing: She launched the Kids' Campaign, and now goes on speaking tours raising money because kids are still getting left behind.

And then there was the story yesterday about two 13-year-old gourmet caterers. Well, that certainly brings me right back down into the bowels of humility. When I was 13, I was trying to invent my own language for the quasi-Tolkiensian novel I was writing by going through the dictionary inventing my own words for the ones that seemed useful; I made it part-way into "B." That was simply geeky; these kids are going places.

("Colorado girl, 10, creates own PAC," David Kelly [Los Angeles Times], Boston Globe 7.18.04; "The Caterers Are Kids," Andrea Pyenson, Boston Globe 7.21.04)

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