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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Written any good new hymns?

Here's your chance to share them:

The deadline for submitting pieces for consideration for the UUA's New Hymn Resource project is approaching. A compilation of 60-75 pieces for congregational singing will be published by the UUA in June of 2005. The deadline for submitting pieces for consideration for this project is July 15 (date of receipt at the UUA).

The Task Force spearheading the project seeks fresh hymns, chants or songs that enliven worship; and music for marking the seasons in the lives of our congregations. This general description includes many types of music in genres including but not limited to: jazz, folk, pop, spirituals, gospel, praise songs, call-and-response, chants, rounds and traditional hymns. Topics should be UU-appropriate, and can be representative of one of the many areas of our devotional life.

The task force is especially interested in materials highlighting the spirituality of the BGLT community, earth-centered and non-Western theologies, both male and female spirituality, and the music of cultures traditionally under-represented in our communities. Also of interest is music for liturgical celebrations such as Water and Flower Communion services, Weddings, Funerals, Ordinations, RE events, Youth services, and the annual Canvass. . . .

Please note that the deadline for receiving submissions for consideration is July 15, and this deadline will not be extended.

For more information, visit the New Hymn Resource Task Force submission guidelines.

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