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Friday, April 23, 2004

Around the UU blogs.

There's good stuff on quite a few Unitarian Universalist blogs this week. And, since I haven't offered a round-up in a while, I'm including a few slightly older posts well worth your time:

  • Stentor Danielson has a great post today, "Liberalism Gone Haywire":

    "Beyond the pale" can be framed as a form of conservatism or leftism, denying the freedom to take wrong positions. But I find it more interesting to see it as liberalism gone haywire. Liberalism demands that fair procedural framework under which communicative action can occur. "Beyond the pale" is an attempt to shift the grounds of the argument to the framework rather than the content. It's a charge that the view in question is inherently inimical to communicative discussion. We're left debating the legitimacy, rather than the content, of the view.

  • Phil Lund, new to the UU blogging, posts once a week on Tuesday — and offers a thoughtful essay on multigenerational communities of faith, with followup essays on the meaning of community and faith.

  • Don't miss Matthew Gatheringwater's reflection on a hospital visit, "He Hated Ministers." It's profoundly moving.

  • Small-group ministry consultant Peter Bowden is getting married this weekend — and can't help but wonder about a small-group ministry wedding ceremony!

  • Tom Schade notes a San Francisco Chronicle story about the outré UUs for Polyamory Awareness — who don't just want to turn the wedding into a small group — and poses some questions about poly. (In response to Question 5, Tom, I think liberal religious opposition to polyamory should be principled and not merely tactical, although I'll have to set aside some extended writing time to explain why.) He follows up with a refusal to call "multi-partnered relationships" anything other than what they are.

    If you missed them, Tom also had some great posts up early in the week about the paradox of Trinitarian Unitarians (with followup here).

  • Chutney offers the first three parts of a philosophical response to Bill Sinkford's call for a "vocabulary of reverence." I've started responding to Part One, but sheesh, after reading this sentence — "the process derives from Foucault’s notion of 'technologies of the self' and ethicist Alisdair MacIntyre’s understanding of virtue" — I realized I've been out of grad school a while. Give yourself a little time and read what he has to say about "self-subjection to a community of authority."

As always, if you have a blog that comments on Unitarian Universalism or some other branch of liberal religion, I'd love to hear from you. Visit my annotated guide to UU blogs and the UU blog digest.

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