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Sunday, March 28, 2004

The resolution no one noticed.

Okay, maybe it's not a big deal when one of the largest Episcopal dioceses in the U.S. votes in a special convention to affirm the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. (Especially when we do get Associated Press reports about one Catholic church showing an anti-gay-marriage video in church. Update 3.29.04: Not to mention a follow-up story in the Globe.)

I reported that vote on this site 15 days ago, when the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts Web page (and my wife, who was there for the vote) announced it. Strangely, I thought, the diocese didn't issue a press release until almost a week later, when Anglicans Online first noted it. But I can't find any major media source reporting this story — not the Boston Globe, not WBUR, not the AP, not even the Massachusetts Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry. Hey!

At last, however, the story is out. The Watertown Tab, a weekly newspaper for one of Boston's suburbs, mentions the vote in its roundup of local religion news. (In other news, the Methodists are holding a potluck and there are lectures about the origins of the seder.) Come on, people! Does the diocese want to influence public opinion? Then hawk this story. And where is the media on this? The Episcopalians — the second-largest Protestant denomination in the eastern half of the state — voted to support the same-sex marriage ruling. I think that's a big deal. I hope they were a bit more direct in the letters the diocese resolved to send to each state senator and representative for tomorrow's Constitutional Convention.

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