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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

A hymn is born.

Mechaieh writes that Jason Shelton, the music director at her church,

was in Boston last Tuesday working on the new supplement to Singing the Living Tradition, and happened to be in the UUA president's office when Sinkford and his staff began drafting his response to Bush's endorsement of an amendment against same-sex marriage. When Jason heard Sinkford say, "We stand on the side of love," he started writing the hymn . . . and after he was done with the errand that had brought him to Sinkford's office in the first place, he went back to the hymn commission's meeting and eventually (after Leon noticed his distraction and said, "You're writing something, aren't you? Come on, let's hear it . . .") played it for his colleagues there.

I haven't heard the hymn yet, but you can read the text at Measured Extravagance.

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