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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Watch growth statistics as they happen!

While we're continuing our conversation about fast-growing Unitarian Universalist congregations — here and here — I need to point out the yeoman's work that Scott Wells is doing. In a series of posts, he has been tracking the latest membership figures as congregations report them to the UUA for their annual credentials. (This as-it-happens statistical tracking is made possible by a new, on-line reporting process. Take a peek at this year's figures. To figure out which ones are growing, however, you'll need the printed UUA Directory for last year's numbers.) With 400 of the 1,000+ churches reporting, Scott notes that we're at 1% growth — as we've been for a decade. Sigh. Meanwhile, there's more conversation about growth on the UUA's public relations e-mail list.

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