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Friday, January 2, 2004

Clark Meetup on Monday.

A reminder that you can meet Wesley Clark supporters in your area and get involved in the campaign this coming Monday evening. Find the Meetup in your area; I'll be at the Asgard in Cambridge.

Remember: We're looking for a campaign that can beat Bush by bringing a majority to the polls next November — which means a coalition of liberals, moderates, and independents. Clark can build this coalition; I can't shake my doubts about Howard Dean's ability to do it. Your financial contributions and personal involvement will make a difference now.

Meanwhile, if you're a Kucinich fan or too liberal for the Democratic Party, I'd suggest finding ways to help the most progressive local candidates in your area win local races, and start building some progressive momentum. Don't try shooting the moon: Kucinich is not going to come from behind, and the U.S. Constitution won't be rewritten to bring in parliamentary elections or instant-runoff voting in time for the November election. Imagine the future, but vote in the present. Since there is no liberal majority in this country, you'll need to find a winning coalition that will give you a place at the table.

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