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Thursday, December 4, 2003

Loathsome Christmas TV specials.

How do TV people stand the awful canned music, the garish visuals, the dancing sprites, the unremitting bad taste of putting on a Christmas tree-lighting special, like the one I've been subjected to for the past two days of full-volume rehearsals on Boston Common? From my office window, I can see the stage, I can watch the Irish step dancers and whirling children dressed as Christmas tree ornaments — but the music! My friends, it may be even worse than Kelly Clarkson's rendition of "O Holy Night" on NBC last night. (I am listening to a hip-hop version of the Nutcracker right now.) The "music" has taken over downtown, and can't be escaped; it's louder than the voices on the other end of the telephone, louder than my own office stereo; it's as if my windows themselves are speakers, and some annoying Broadway personality keeps enthusiastically welcoming me to Boston Common. I can't wait till the tree is lit and these annoying people return to their own circle of hell.

So please, don't watch whatever channel it is that will show this dreadful spectacle. (You might enjoy the footage in this film (North Team, Day 8), however: Right at the end, some Wesley Clark volunteers try to get some of Santa's elves in a Boston department store to endorse the general. It's really quite funny.)

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