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Friday, October 31, 2003

Reader appreciation day.

I'm heading out of town right after work today, so here's almost all of October's stats — minus the trick-or-treaters! SiteMeter counts 1338 visits to the front page in October; AddFreeStats counts 1479. I took down the old Blogger archives this month, which used to be counted with the main page stats; removing them has temporarily confused Google and cut down slightly on the number of counted visits. My site's host, however, counts well over 2400 visits to other pages on the site, including lots of individual blog entries, so it looks to my untrained eye like traffic continues to grow.

Key search phrases this month: Eli Pariser, Hutton Gibson, Episcopal schism, "guugle" (which I meant as a joke!), "define objective" (which I'm sorry to say I can't do, but must have done), "puritanism today," Philocrites (that's me!), "Weber disenchantment," "morality vs ethics," and "biblical unitarians."

And a special thanks this month to readers who have started using the Comments feature on this site. It's great to hear from you — and don't be shy about leaving tips, suggestions, general comments, etc., in that Suggestion Box link up on the top right. Thanks for your support!

Update 10:13 am. Looks like I spoke too soon! Welcome, everyone, from this morning's link at DailyKos. Make yourselves at home. My stats just went through the roof. Thanks, Melanie!

Update 11.1.03 9:51pm. What a difference a day makes: The surge of traffic from DailyKos brought at least 160 first-time visitors to the site in a single day. Amazing.

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