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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The false 'West against South' divide.

As conservatives manipulate the media covering the Anglican primates meeting as a clash between the secular, post-biblical West (U.S., Britain, and Australia) and the faithful, biblical South (Asia, Africa, and Latin America), let's reiterate once again: not true.

A senior African cleric has described the exclusion of gays as a "heresy" comparable with apartheid as a crisis summit of Anglican leaders over homosexuality got under way.

South African-born the Most Reverend Walter Makhulu, the former Archbishop of Central Africa, said his experiences under apartheid had led him to oppose an "exclusive church". . . .

"The notion of an exclusive church is utterly abhorrent to me. It denies the very character and nature of God, God who loves us so fully, God who invites us to the heavenly banquet, God whose wisdom is boundless, God who transforms his people into his likeness," said Rev Makhulu. "The notion of exclusivity is abhorrent. It is a heresy in the same way as apartheid was described as heresy."

("Cleric slams church on gay 'apartheid'", Reading [U.K.] Chronicle 10.15.03; thanks, Religions Liberal!)

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