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Monday, October 13, 2003

Red Sox theology watch.

They're all kidding, right?

With Saturday's loss to the New York Yankees just the latest chapter in the tortured history of the Red Sox, religious leaders of all stripes are praying for the team, saying they still sense "a little bit of godliness" in Pedro, Nomar, and Ortiz.

"It's an Old Testament lesson about Job," said the Rev. Chris Hickey of St. William's Church in Dorchester. "He's teaching us patience."

A Duxbury church is flying the Red Sox flag underneath the flag of the pope. In Dorchester, a Pentecostal minister theorizes that the team's red socks represent the blood of Jesus.

"Them being the Red Sox, as long as they wear the blood of Jesus on their feet, they'll be victorious," said David Thomas, a youth minister at Grace Church of All Nations.

At the Boston City Council meeting last week, the Rev. Clifton Thuma prayed that God would not "smite the New York Yankees as if they were Pharaoh's army," but would instead help the Sox win.

"I think I just heard the good father say, 'Cowboy up,' " Council President Michael Flaherty rejoined.

Among religious leaders, the theological underpinnings of the Red Sox are hotly disputed. A local priest claims that baseball is a Catholic sport, while Jeffrey Sirkman, a rabbi in Larchmont, N.Y., likens the curse of the Bambino to the centuries of suffering by the Jews. "As a Jew, being a Red Sox fan makes perfect sense," he said. "You don't expect the world to be redeemed in your lifetime."

But Sox faithful agreed that the Yankees have an important lesson in store: "God would want them to share," Hickey said.

("A rivalry of divine proportions: Religious leaders catch the spirit," Sasha Talcott, Boston Globe 10.13.03: B4)

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