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Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Creation's table.

A bit of Unitarian Universalist liturgy:

Pull up a chair: You have a place at creation’s table — whether you come in celebration or in sorrow, in hunger or in fulfillment, in the company of friends or in the solitude of a new and uncharted course. Creation’s table — life’s table — is set for all.

In our worship we remember that creation’s table is endlessly generous. Love is here; friendship is here; the promise of children is here; and new discoveries; and communities of freedom and honesty; and paint, a bolt of cloth, clay; a new melody; wood and metal and tools and blueprints; an untold story — all of it bread and wine for living.

But there are also empty chairs at this table, and our cups are sometimes bitter. In our worship we remember that life is not easy. At the very moment that someone has just tasted one of life’s great joys, someone else at the table is grief-stricken. In our worship we remember these things together — we join ourselves together — for life holds us all.

O Thou who beckons us to renewed life, who is in this feast and in the heart of every guest, bind us together with honest words, with kindness, with justice and delight. Amen.

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