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Sunday, October 5, 2003

Power? What power?

A great passage from a post to the UU Christian Fellowship e-mail list:

Many UU's are political liberals, which (contrary to what they assert) does not predispose them as a whole, to effective political action. As a local grassroots political organizer (whom I would characterize as leftist according to the conventional political taxonomy) explained to our congregation from the pulpit several months ago,

"The problem with liberals is that they think nobody should have any power. Well, people do have power, and the question is which people and to what ends. In my experience, having to work out a deal with conservatives is better than negotiating with liberals, because conservatives understand power. When forced to come face to face with it, they're able to reason their way to a compromise, and then to stick to their end of the deal."

Thanks, Dave! The next issue of UU World will have more to say on this very topic.

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