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Monday, September 29, 2003

'A role for each of us.'

I'm enjoying my relentlessly cheerful copy of Revolve, the New Testament packaged as a girl's fashion magazine. There are moments, however, when the text so flagrantly defies the Old Navy illustrations that accompany it that I can't help but wonder what Evangelical 'tweens will make of it.

Take page 218, for example: A cartoon of a preppy red-headed girl in a long-sleeve blue sweater with white collar, a red checked skirt, a black shoulder bag — hair neatly pulled back in a long ponytail — accompanies a "Bible Bio" for Jael:

Jael was the woman about whom Deborah prophesied. One day, General Sisera, an enemy of the Lord, came to the tent of Jael and asked for water. She gave him a cup of milk and a blanket. When he had fallen fast asleep, Jael took a tent peg and drove it through his head into the ground. She had killed him. After this, Deborah rejoiced and the land of Israel enjoyed forty years of peace. Jael played a key role in God's will for the people of Israel at that time. Jael shows us the greater truth that God has a role for each of our lives.

Now that's an abrupt moral! The shoulder bag is just large enough to carry a tent peg. Maybe shopping isn't so bad after all! Just think of all the accessories you might need!

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