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Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Reality reruns.

On a lighter note: My TV's rabbit ears bring me NBC and Fox, but never WGBH. (What suburban conspiracy makes PBS impossible to pick up without cable here in Cambridge? I have never once been able to pick up channel 44.) So I turn on my television three nights a week for "The West Wing," "The Simpsons," and — ah! guilty pleasure! — "Joe Millionaire." Or I did, until I discovered that "reality TV" is even better as literature!

Let us praise Flak, the e-magazine where Lindsay Robertson dishes up the latest episode so you don't miss a thing even when you can't be bothered to watch. I enjoyed episode 4 in its written form so much, in fact, that I tuned in for Fox's "encore presentation" on Thursday. A rerun of a recap of a "reality show," with scenes like this gem:

Evan decides to ask Melissa a tough question — what would she do if she suddenly had unlimited funds?

"I wanna go to a Third World country?" she says. "And bathe their children and give them shots." And presumably teach them all of the stock answers to all of the dumb questions in the world.

And then, and then: "I'm a mercenary kind of person." She finishes, beautifully.

Reality show? This is pure satire.

"The West Wing" has its high-brow West Wing Watch (from the good folks at Government Executive Magazine); Slate's psychoanalysis of "The Sopranos" means nothing to me, VHF plebe that I am; thank goodness Flak has found its niche!

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