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Friday, February 14, 2003

Human costs.

Plans for humanitarian relief when war starts in Iraq involve estimates of "anywhere from 600,000 to 1.5 million refugees and asylum seekers," plus another million displaced people inside Iraq, according to the U.N. chief of humanitarian affairs. . . The U.S. military expects to carry out humanitarian relief and rebuilding projects even as the war is taking place, according to the same A.P. report. . . Derrick Z. Jackson reviews the death toll in the first Gulf war: "The war itself resulted in 56,000 deaths to soldiers and 3,500 to civilians. Another 35,000 people died in internal postwar fighting. The biggest single number of deaths again was to civilians after the destruction of the nation's infrastructure: 111,000." . . . The Boston Globe agrees that the Bush administration is completely misconstruing Osama bin Laden's latest statement: "to pretend he is partnering with Saddam is to indulge in wretched excess."

Oh, creationism is religious, after all.

Does a creationist — who never even took a class from the biology professor he asks for a letter of recommendation to medical school — have a right to such a letter, if the professor publically requires students to give a "scientific answer" to the question of how species arise? The Boston Phoenix has a thorough story on the case that John Ashcroft says is all about religious freedom. Nonsense.

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