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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Scared yet?

Josh Marshall writes that Bush administration hawks may be deliberating setting up a "nightmare scenario": a rapid series of wars in the Middle East. And Marshall asks the question we're all wondering: How would people react if Clinton were leading this war?

Let's assume Bill Clinton had launched the country on a major war on the other side of the globe. Clinton's top military advisors had told him and his Sec Def that he was sending them to war gravely under-gunned, without all they needed to get the job done and protect the lives of American troops. Then let's assume that Clinton and his Sec Def ignored their advice. He and the Sec Def told the generals they didn't understand how modern wars were fought and sent them out anyway. And then let's assume that the generals and admirals warnings were rapidly confirmed on the battlefield with a bogged down offensive and an escalating number of American casualties. Do you think Clinton and his Sec Def might be in some hot water? Yeah, me too.

And did Bush administration officials tell us — over and over — that this would be an easy war? Why, yes they did!

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