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Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Give police a chance.

William Saletan unpacks the paradox in Tony Blair and George W. Bush's promise to Iraqis: "First, we're going to get out of Iraq so that Iraqis can govern themselves. Second, we're going to stay in Iraq so that Iraqis can govern themselves." In the process, Saletan also neatly states why real freedom depends on the rule of law:

Freedom isn't the absence of rules. It depends on rules. Without rules, new tyrants grab power. Constitutions lay down those rules, parliaments clarify them, and armed officers enforce them. No arms, no enforcement, no rules, no freedom.

That's why liberals should support careful and thorough reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, too. A lawless society is a disaster. A world without the Taliban and without Saddam Hussein is a better world only if we help build stable societies that can sustain better regimes.

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