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Monday, May 12, 2003

Unitarians against Graham.

The Canadian Unitarian Council opposes Franklin Graham and other Evangelicals-in-humanitarians-clothing in Iraq: "We call on the US and UK occupying forces to respect the religious integrity of Iraq," said CUC President Reverend Doctor Mark Morrison-Reed. "Any attempt to convert Iraqis from their current faiths to any other faith would be a desecration on a par with the looting of the Baghdad museums."

A few weeks ago, the British Unitarians passed a similar resolution (not yet on-line):

This General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, mindful of the profound religious sensibilities aroused by the present war in Iraq, and conscious of the necessity of not exacerbating the situation further, expresses its deep concern at reports that some so-called "fundamentalist" and "evangelical" Christian organisations are planning to enter Iraq in the aftermath of war for the purposes of religious proselytization. . .
Furthermore, as Unitarians and Free Christians we dissociate ourselves unreservedly from any attempt to interpret the war in Iraq in terms of "Christian triumphalism" or the "fulfilment of biblical prophecy", believing such interpretation to be erroneous, irresponsible and dangerous.

Will this issue still be the most popular angle for religious liberals when American Unitarian Universalists meet in Boston in June? What form will "actions of immediate witness" about Iraq take at the General Assembly? I'm guessing we'll see an anti-empire resolution, a pro-United Nations resolution, and a pro-humanitarian assistance resolution. Will an anti-prosyletization resolution still seem fresh?

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