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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Pluralism in practice.

Here's a good news story about how one Unitarian Universalist congregation talks about its own theological diversity: "Seven members shared their faith experiences with at least 250 people who packed the church."

Gloria Heard, an organizer of the program, said the purpose was to celebrate the congregation’s diversity and to encourage discussion between members of differing faiths.
Although the denomination boasts of its plurality and acceptance of all people — regardless of race, gender and religion — members say living it out as a congregation is a challenge when some members use the word “God” and others don’t want to hear the word.
“Frankly, we have to tolerate each other, and that’s not easy to do,” Arnold said.
In 2000, 14 different belief systems and philosophies emerged in a survey of the 139 who attended the church. Today, many newer members have come not from a humanist background — the more usual Unitarian adherent — but from a Judeo-Christian background, Heard said.

(From the York Daily Record 6.23.03.)

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