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Friday, July 25, 2003

You are your demographic.

The Antic Muse strikes again, this time profiling the readers of political magazines based on their ads! "The National Review reader is a sleep-deprived (or possibly bed-ridden), cigar-smoking, America-First Catholic who believes in both free markets and limited government intervention. Also into wresting." Whew: glad that isn't me! You can read the descriptions of New Republic and Washington Monthly readers, of which I'm one — hey, I subscribe for the articles, not the pictures, er, ads — but the funniest is the Mother Jones profile:

The Mother Jones reader is a lactose-intolerant, impressionable, wealthy (but guilt-ridden) lesbian. Alternative demographic: Bushy-browed professional bike messenger and peace activist. (Demographics may overlap.) All readers believe in human perfectability. (Suckers.)

As a former editor at Mother Jones, she should know!

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