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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Who would Jesus tax?

"According to our Christian ethics, we're supposed to love God, love each other and help take care of the poor," said Alabama governor Bob Riley (a conservative Republican). "It is immoral to charge somebody making $5,000 an income tax." So he's trying to fix Alabama's cruelly regressive tax structure. But the Christian Coalition is apparently reading a different translation of the Gospel. ("Tax increase a tough sell in Alabama," Phillip Rawls [AP], Boston Globe 7.30.03.)

Adam Cohen provided more context for this story back in June; see "What would Jesus do? Sock it to Alabama's corporate landowners," New York Times 6.10.03 (reg req'd).

Update 8.8.03: Check out Michael Bowen's blog, A Minority of One, for the surprising twist in this story: The national Christian Coalition has endorsed the governor's plan over the objections of the state Christian Coalition! Bowen's your guy if you want to keep up on this fascinating story.

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