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Saturday, August 9, 2003

From the mouths of babes?

"A young cleric just out of a seminary often looks out from the pulpit during that first sermon and sees a flock that looks to be the age of parents and grandparents. The congregants looking back often see a person the age of someone they used to bounce on their knee." Can you relate? ("New clerics seeks ways to reach aging flocks." Marek Fuchs. New York Times 8.9.03, reg req'd)

Judaism by the books.

Nextbook is a great Web site — you can find it down among my "Arts and Ideas" links — but it's a lot more, too, including a publishing and library outreach program. It's the literary-intellectual portal to Jewish culture. Julie Salamon explains in the Times. (8.9.03, reg req'd)

Click away.

After conservative Episcopalians discovered links to erotic photographs only six clicks away from a site with the same name as a youth outreach program that the Rev. V. Gene Robinson had helped start seven years ago — gasp! the scandal! — enterprising Web surfers have wondered what other dangers lurk nearby. Bruce Kluger reports, for instance, that one can stumble onto "SpongeBob's KaRahTay Contest" only five clicks away from the White House site (probably in a British intelligence dossier). (reg req'd)

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