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Monday, September 1, 2003

And for moral clarity...

Let's hear from the Anglican bishop of Rwanda about the election of an openly gay man as bishop of New Hampshire: "It is unbelievable what has happened: spiritual genocide." This a ghastly example of moral analogy gone horribly wrong. Here's a report on the involvement of Christians — including Anglican bishops — in the actual genocide in Rwanda.

Another Rwandan bishop likes the "spiritual genocide" analogy, too: Back in 2001, discussing liberal trends in the Episcopal Church and the missionary efforts launched by Third World Anglicans to North America to counter them, Bishop John Rucyahana said, "The members of the Anglican Communion cannot let what happened in Rwanda a physical genocide deflect from the spiritual genocide going on in ECUSA by standing on the sidelines and watching and doing nothing. Therefore we cannot stand by. We must take action." Let this sink in for a minute: These bishops have the audacity to suggest that the slaughter of more than half a million people is morally comparable to welcoming gay and lesbian people to full participation in the church.

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