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Friday, September 12, 2008

Dukakis on the politics of 'experience'

Quoted 09.12.08:

I think this experience thing is phony as a three-dollar bill. [Barack Obama]'s been in elected office for twelve consecutive years. That's more than Reagan was, more the Carter was, more than George Bush was, in fact double the amount of time Bush was in elected office, the same as Clinton and Bush One, and a couple of years less than John Kennedy. Some of that was in Illinois which is hardly the minor leagues of American politics, and he represented more people in his state senate district than live in the entire state of Alaska. He was an extremely effective state legislator. He's been an extremely effective United States senator. And frankly I don't know exactly what John McCain's executive experience is, to tell you the truth.

Michael Dukakis, The Plank ( 9.11.08