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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let us now praise excellent commenters.

If you tend to read my sporadic posts but don't come back to read the comments left by other readers, you are really missing out. I especially recommend the comments left in response to "Megachurch pastor: UUs just don't do transformation" (12.17.08) and "Purposes, purposes: Which ones really matter?" (1.28.09). Many thanks, everyone! Dan Harper's doubts about policy governance in particular deserve a wider audience.

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Patrick McLaughlin:

February 4, 2009 12:59 PM | Permalink for this comment

So, pointed to "Megachurch pastor" (thanks, that one slipped by me)... and comments are closed.

Hmphf. And after reading all those thoughts and comments, I had things to add.

Patrick McLaughlin:

February 8, 2009 07:35 PM | Permalink for this comment

Clean up on Aisle 1, Philo!


February 8, 2009 08:59 PM | Permalink for this comment

Patrick, don't you just hate comment spam? That's the third outbreak here today.

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