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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Privacy policy.

Updated 7.30.09: This site takes advantage of several tools designed to enhance your experience of the site and help me monitor its performance. These tools collect information about your visit, however, and provide me with access to some of this information. In the interest of transparency, here's a rundown of the services I use, with links to the relevant privacy policies.

(Google is requiring its AdSense partners to offer an explicit privacy policy, which it hadn't occurred to me to offer before, so here goes!)

  • Movable Type: Philocrites uses Movable Type blog software. When you post a comment here, the program emails me the name, email address, and any URL you enter, along with your comment; it also sends me your IP address. I will never post your email address without your explicit permission, but of course I want to post your comment. Read more about my comments policy. Six Apart, the excellent company that produces Movable Type, does not have access to any information about your visits.

  • Google: Philocrites features advertisements through Google's AdSense program and monitors visitor behavior using Google's Analytics program. Google places cookies on your computer when you visit Philocrites, including the DoubleClick DART cookie, which helps Google and its partners serve ads based on your visits to this and other sites. (You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting Google's ad and content network privacy policy.) Philocrites also offers RSS feeds and email subscriptions using Google's FeedBurner subsidiary. Learn about Google's privacy policies. I assume that embedded YouTube videos (another Google subsidiary) also collect some information about your visit when you play them on Philocrites; learn about YouTube's privacy policy.

  • Amazon: Philocrites is an Amazon Associates partner site. Learn about Amazon's privacy policy.

  • StatCounter: Philocrites monitors site traffic using StatCounter. Learn about StatCounter's privacy policy.

  • Feedjit: Philocrites uses a widget called Feedjit to recommend links to other relevant pages on the site. Learn about Feedjit's privacy policy.

  • Blogged: Philocrites uses a widget from the blog rating service Blogged. Learn about Blogged's privacy policy.

  • CrazyEgg: I occasionally monitor visitor behavior on individual pages using the CrazyEgg click monitor. Learn about CrazyEgg's privacy policy.

  • PayPal: Philocrites welcomes donations from readers using PayPal. (Look for the orange "Make a Donation" button over in the sidebar. Thanks!) Learn about PayPal's privacy policy.

  • Philocrites has participated in the Powell's Books Partner Program, but I found it maddening and not worth my while. Nevertheless, the privacy policy may apply to some pages deep in the Philocrites archives.

I'll update this privacy policy if I add other services or tools that use cookies or collect user data.

Copyright © 2008 by Philocrites | Posted 2 March 2008 at 4:47 PM

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Jo Paoletti:

March 2, 2008 06:56 PM | Permalink for this comment

All of which explains why you are such a multidimensional rock star.


March 3, 2008 01:22 PM | Permalink for this comment

This is fantastic, and I will totally steal your methodology if we ever get around to posting a privacy policy. You rock!

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