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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Roosevelt Institution: Undergrads making policy!

What an inspiring bunch of college students at Stanford! The New York Times yesterday described a new think tank founded and run by undergraduates. Meet the Roosevelt Institution:

"Every college campus is a think tank, and we already have 15 million potential members," said [Quinn] Wilhelmi, a [20-year-old] religious studies major. "All we're doing is organizing those existing voices and creating a mechanism by which students are given a part in the policy process."

The institution has already attracted hundreds of members at Stanford and is expanding nationally. Membership is free and does not require submission of a paper. New branches are popping up at 30 other universities across the country, and students at Yale, Columbia and Middlebury are among the first to organize their own Roosevelt Institution chapters based on the Stanford model.

The groups are linking up through the institution's Web site, . . .

Named for Presidents Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, the group is organized around more than a dozen policy committees, focusing on issues like international development and progressive religious perspectives.

You can help support this fascinating and worthy project. ("Hoping To Make Policy Waves, and Graduate, Too," Michael Falcone, New York Times 5.25.05, reg req'd)

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