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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Welcome back, Gregory.

Our correspondent from Iraq, who has been blogging as A Virginia UU in King George's War, is back in the U.S. Gregory writes about his Iraq to Kuwait to Ireland to Maine to California flight home:

The sudden change of scenery from the sand, dust, and desolation of Iraq and Kuwait to the green hills of Eyre and the snows of Maine is disconcerting.  It was also disconcerting to be applauded and greeted with a chorus of voices murmuring “welcome home” and “thank you” as we entered the main terminal here in Bangor. I have such mixed feelings about our presence in Iraq — and my part in it — that I found the applause and welcoming words touching yet disquieting. Ironically, I would have felt less uncomfortable if we had been met by a crowd of war protesters.

Amid the applause and discomfort, I'd like to say thanks for something quite specific: Gregory's blog over the past few months. It has been for many us a unique window into what is otherwise a forbiddingly complex reality. Welcome back.

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