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Saturday, February 7, 2004

Red Sox theology watch, Super Bowl edition.

Okay, it's not quite theology — but no celebration of the Patriots' Super Bowl victory would be complete without some eschatalogical hope for the Red Sox:

That New Englanders remain obsessed with the Red Sox, even during this week's post-Super Bowl euphoria, comes as no surprise. The oldest of the city's four professional sports teams, the Red Sox have enticed generations of fans. Unlike the Patriots, though, the last time the Red Sox won a world championship was in 1918, an 85-year drought.

"What I think it comes down to is that nobody's grandfather went to their grave cursing the Patriots," said Michael Rutstein, publisher of Boston Baseball magazine. "The Patriots just don't go that deep into New England's psyche. No one has ever tried to write about football as a metaphor for life. You can pick up hundreds of books that do it for baseball."

("Red Sox fans are not content with patriotism," Peter DeMarco, Boston Globe 2.7.04)

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