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Friday, March 7, 2003


On the President's news conference: Bush was "bored and enervated" (Shales) . . . "Everything he knows about foreign policy, he learned in kindergarten" (Saletan) . . . "This is the worst president ever" (UPI's Helen Thomas, snubbed doyenne)

But wait! It's not just liberals who think the President was running low: "he almost seemed catatonic with fatigue" (Andrew Sullivan)

Update 3.10.03: Somehow I missed Tapped's take: "If it is recalled at all in future years, it will be as a Wizard of Oz moment where the curtain was pulled back and the all-powerful figure toward whom people have looked for guidance was revealed to be just another middle-aged man in a suit, standing forlornly in a space too large for his presence to fill." . . . And The Nation's David Corn writes: "What happens in the UN over the next days seems to have no bearing on what will transpire in Iraq. The question is merely whether Bush has to run a red-light on his way to Baghdad. His foot is already heavy on the gas."

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