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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Sorkin's parting shot.

Wow. Watching Martin Sheen on The West Wing turn the presidency over to John Goodman (!) sure caught me by surprise. I don't have that high an opinion of the Republican leadership in Congress, but Goodman's character — whew! Guess Aaron Sorkin really doesn't like 'em.'s West Wing Watch says, "we are concerned about the departure of Aaron Sorkin. And our pledge to you is that we won’t hang around just to mock this show if it becomes unwatchable — or worse, merely ordinary." We're counting on you, John Goodman!

Update 5.20.03. Richard Just at the American Prospect Online says Aaron Sorkin's casting of Goodman "has to go down as one of the least subtle — and most daring — middle fingers ever thrust at a television network on its own air time. The idiots will take it from here, Sorkin seemed to be telling his viewers." Which idiots? Not conservatives, really — just political and media executives who openly denigrate intelligence in public life.

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