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Tuesday, August 5, 2003


When operating a smear campaign, it helps to have friends in high places — like Fred Barnes, executive editor of the neoconservative Washington magazine, The Weekly Standard. (He's also on the board of an Episcopal organization that just happens to oppose gay marriage.) What a surprise that Barnes was so prompt in sharing the good news of the pornography and "sexual harassment" allegations about the Rev. Gene Robinson at 2:48 yesterday afternoon. But The American Prospect's Tapped dishes it right back:

The controversial heterosexual Episcopal journalist is co-founder of The Weekly Standard, a conservative political magazine. The Standard's website includes links to the web magazine Salon, which posts pornographic material, including pictures of nude heterosexual couples. Barnes was reported to have denied any knowledge of the link. But he has made no secret of his connection with The Standard. Barnes has said his aim is not to be a "straight journalist," but his connection to the Standard and his public appearances with his wife may make that label unavoidable.

Meanwhile, though, the Episcopal Church has completed its preliminary investigation of Robinson and says the bishops' vote on his election will go forward. "James Solheim, a church spokesman, said the vote would not have been rescheduled if Robinson hadn't been cleared of the allegations," according to the Associated Press. Someone should inform Barnes.

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