My soul's desire

Philocrites : Liberal Religion : Hymns 1.20.03

5 5 . 8 8 . 5 5 . 8 8 . with refrain

Worship leaders are welcome to use this hymn in services, but please flatter me by letting me know that you are using it. Email me! I wrote the tune "Helene" for this hymn.

    Past my sight I go;
    In my doubt I see;
Though a stone, I grow and flower:
Praise to you, most holy power:
    Sun of every moon,
    Life of every sign,
Song of planets, tune of heaven,
Source of life, creation's leaven,
    You, my soul's desire,
    You, my passion's fire.

    Love more sweet than wine;
    Bond as strong as death:
Life of God, entwine and hold me,
Wet this dust, remake and mold me:
    Shape my life again,
    Fold me to your heart,
Shade my way and when you call me
I will come; O God, enthrall me:
    You, my soul's desire,
    You, my passion's fire.

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