The rising sun

Philocrites : Liberal Religion : Hymns 1.20.03

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Worship leaders are welcome to use this hymn in services, but please flatter me by letting me know that you are using it. Email me! I wrote the tune "Raymond" for this hymn.

Cast off the cloak of night and greet the dawn
Clothed in the new-spun radiance of the sun;
Your shadowed ways, my soul, are now undone —
In grace and brilliant light continue on.

The stars may flicker but they fade away
As heralds of the advent of one star,
Their light a scattered brilliance from afar —
My orbit rounds one fire and source of day.

My soul is held and, turning, is returned
By love unseen, a gravity sublime.
Though light had failed, as my heart in its time,
Your dawn, O God, has graced my life unearned.

Toward the tomb I turn, but not in fear.
Night's captive for a season, but then freed.
In waiting earth, my soul a planted seed —
Christ is the rising sun; now day is here.

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