O my restless heart

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Written for the ordination of Cynthia Paige Getty by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, California.

Worship leaders are welcome to use this hymn in services, but please flatter me by letting me know that you are using it. Email me! I wrote the tune "Getty" for this hymn.

    O my restless heart,
    Seek and you shall find
Water from a flowing stream.
    Put your burden down;
    Take this simple cup;
Have you any greater need?

    O my heavy heart,
    Seek and you shall find
Comfort like a gentle hand.
    'Though the shadows fall,
    Walk on unafraid:
God is your enduring friend.

    O my joyful heart,
    Seek and you shall find
Words to match your melody.
    Praise the source of life;
    Praise the wondrous power;
Praise the living mystery.

Performance history

First Unitarian Universalist Church, San Diego CA
First Congregational Society, UU, Jamaica Plain MA

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