We live for love

Philocrites : Liberal Religion : Hymns 1.20.03

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Worship leaders are welcome to use this hymn in services, but please flatter me by letting me know that you are using it. Email me! I wrote the tune Inman for this hymn.

We live and move and have our breath
    not for the sake of gold.
No servants in the cause of death,
    Our lives for love unfold:

Such love as mends the broken heart
    And casts the sword away;
Such love as held us at the start
    Will ever be our stay.

No name more worthy of our praise
    Has come from human tongue
Than Love Divine, our God always,
    Our everlasting song.

Recall our hearts to love's command;
    Break hatred's tyranny;
For justice, God, make strong our hands;
    Return our lives to thee.

Performance history

Harvard Divinity School Community Worship, Cambridge MA
Wedding of Liz Rogers and Jesse Goodman
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